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its time


its time

How to Help


  • Donations/Fundraisers

School Supplies for Ferguson

STL Crisis Nursery

"Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!" t-shirts

Mike Brown Memorial Fund

#LetUsBreathe: Supplies for Ferguson


Feed the Students of Ferguson

Amnesty International

Buy The Game’s song “Don’t Shoot”. All proceeds go to Mike Brown Fund.

Hands Up United 

"Don’t Shoot" t-shirts

  • Organizations

Lost Voices: Facebook Twitter

The Dream Defenders: Twitter Website

Operation Help or Hush: Website Twitter

Hands Up United: Website

The Organization for Black Struggle: Website

Ferguson Youth Initiative: Website

  • Petitions

Mike Brown Law

7 New Policies to Protect Citizens from Police Violence and Misconduct

  • Miscellaneous 

Talking and Teaching about Police Violence

The Ferguson Syllabus

Preparing to Discuss Mike Brown in the Classroom

Melissa Harris Perry - How to Teach Students About Ferguson


Share Your Skills 

Send Your Condolences and Support to the Family of Mike Brown

**If can’t afford to donate, you can help by continuing to share information. Share the truth. Don’t let people forget about Mike Brown or Ferguson. Demand Justice for Mike Brown.


persona 5 leaked screenshot


persona 5 leaked screenshot

Roan if it’s any consolation that post can correspond to both DA and AC considering DA!Connor would fucking hate the Templars and probably kill them for a living too especially considering he’d be an elven apostate

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moment of silence for the injustice that befell clara lille’s character for literally no good storytelling reason whatsoever


clementine is so important. the fact that she’s a black girl and the protagonist of a popular award-winning video game franchise is so important. white washing her isnt just an issue of color palette choices, its an issue of erasing what it means to have a player character that’s a black girl that so many people have loved and related to and invested themselves in.

white washing her is absolutely an act of racism. absolutely.

Title: Escape (The Piña Colada Song)
Artist: Rupert Holmes
Played: 3661 times


Escape (The Piña Colada Song) || Rupert Holmes


Josephine Montilyet ♡


Josephine Montilyet ♡

My ship tag for them is going to be #do you like pina coladas

I’m angry

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