IVAN he/she/they. art credit.© I'm Ivan and I'm the real life Jimmy Hopkins. I fawn over baras, Marxist theory and soymilk! Have a nice day.

I refer to myself as “they” because I am 100% sure that I’m genderqueer

I’m comfortable with others assigning me with whatever gender they feel fits me, your outlook is a-okay with me, but I just can’t see myself as a lass or a lad? I see myself as Ivan, really, that’s it? I can’t put my finger on it. Some see me as a chica, some see me as a guy, some see me as neither or both, and that is completely fine with me. But as for my own view, I’m just not sure exactly what I am because I feel as if I’m…everything? 

I see myself most likely being a flexible pangender

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